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Welcome to Edelbrock, the Edelbrock focused web store of Autocars/Speedshop Direct, a factory authorized Edelbrock warehouse distributor. Edelbrock is a name synonymous for "Proven Performance" for over 75 years. The Edelbrock history of quality design and manufacturing, MADE IN THE USA, is the foundation by which their competitors have come and gone through the decades. That strong foundation is the basis today for breakthrough innovations such as their self-tuning E-street EFI with patented remote fuel sump reservoir, front inlet inverted intercooler Edelbrock E-Force supercharger systems, hand assembled crate engines, and dyno matched "no guesswork" top end kits. From legendary Ford flat head performance to modern EFI and supercharger systems for your late model muscle car, Corvette, Truck or SUV, Edelbrock has got you covered.

While most iconic performance companies through the years have changed hands and core identities, Edelbrock has only increased its commitment to building quality proven performance parts from start to finish in the USA. Some companies offshore design or manufacturing or both. Edelbrock has only deepened its US roots to maintain quality from design, casting, machining, and ISO quality control. Edelbrock's R&D department has continually evolved over the decades to stay up to date with the most advanced modeling software, 3D printing rapid prototyping, in-house engine dyno test cells, and chassis dyno test cells. After design good quality and performance is only achieved if you have good castings to work from and Edelbrock has one of the most advanced aluminum casting facilities in the US. The Edelbrock foundry not only does the casting for Edelbrock's legendary products but is also a popular supplier of top quality castings for OEM carmakers, other performance companies, and non-automotive industrial applications. With the ability to control the quality of the design and castings Edelbrock can focus on the finish machining and quality control analysis to ensure that what you receive in the box deserves to wear Made In USA by Edelbrock.